Monday, 17 March 2014

I am not the house-wifey type....but

I don't know what it was - the sun maybe - but this weekend I managed to prove myself to be the perfect wife and mother. Now anyone who knows me will be aware that cooking and cleaning are not my forte. In fact, I will pretty much do anything to avoid both of these things, if I can. Luckily my husband is a great cook and likes to do it and well, the house just gets cleaned as and when it needs it.

But for whatever reason, this weekend I got the bug. It started with an early morning on Saturday. We are Formula 1 fans and the first race weekend of the season started at 5am Saturday morning and we were up and watching. That led to a morning in the garden raking leaves and sweeping up decking. Then the sewing machine came out (while my bread dough was rising!) and I finally made my granny square cushion. A blog on this will be along soon.

Washing was on the go and drying in the, by now, hot conservatory and the afternoon ended with freshly baked bread and dinner cooked for my hardworking husband, who had to finish off a job on Saturday. The evening was filled with glasses of wine and Mad Men on download.

Bring on Sunday... the early start didn't quite happen and the eventful Formula 1 race was watched via the recording at about 8.30am. But that was OK because as soon as it was over, my daughter and I headed to the shops and bought everything you could think of to have a mega-baking session. We managed to make some passable breakfast muffins, an ugly but yummy pineapple upside-down cake and some rather overdone choc chip cookies.

Then it was a full roast dinner with homemade Yorkshires for the four of us, plus my son's girlfriend. The evening passed with my folding washing ready for the school week and then settling down to a few rows of my ripple blanket and Top Gear.

As you might expect I was pretty much exhausted after all that. Bear in mind that my usual weekend is spent crocheting and listening to the I had an early night and watched Mary Beard on the BBC iPlayer and her fabulous lecture on the silencing of women - recommended.

So even the most undomesticated of us can really get some stuff done when we put our minds to it. Strangely, this motivation has continued into this morning and I got up at 5.30am and have managed to get most of my work out of the way before a trip to the orthodontist with my son. You know what? I might even walk into town to meet him...

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