Who am I?

Five years ago (or so) I picked up a crochet hook for the very first time - with some trepidation, I might add. I had been knitting for a while and was OK at that. Crochet just appealed to me somehow. It seemed easier, more compact and prettier. Those cute little flowers and amigurumi animals got me all excited and I had to have a go.

That very first YouTube video was for an amiguruni ball - nothing more than single crochet and few increases and decreases. But within minutes, the crochet hook was settled in my hands and to my amazement, something resembling a ball was emerging. Turned out I could do it and I didn't need anyone to teach me. Except that lovely YouTube lady...

Five years on, the knitting needles are in the bottom of the wicker basket and the crochet hooks are having pride of place right at the top. Not only is my home adorned with blankets, cushions, coasters and trivets - it is over run with cotton galore - in so many gorgeous shades.

Five years on and I am teaching crochet to unsuspecting students who at some time in their lives have thought to themselves "If only I could crochet". Well, you know what, you can!

I specialise in teaching beginners and in the last two years, I have come across only a handful of people who have struggled with crochet to the extent that they gave up. Usually, the desire to succeed is enough. With time, anything can become second nature.

I teach sporadically (this isn't my career) so the rest of the time, I am sat in my front room banging out web copy on my computer. I am that person who ghost writes other people's blogs, encourages you to buy products you probably don't want and who makes websites sound pretty much awesome. I am a copywriter and run my own freelance business. I have a couple of lovely ladies who write for me and I have the pleasure of working from home and setting my own hours. More time for crochet...

You will notice that I am pretty much as far from the chintzy crochet brigade as you can get. My crochet is bold and exciting, my baking skills are dismal and I can work in a pigsty and never really notice. I am married and I have kids, but I am far from the perfect wife. But I love to create lovely things for my friends and family and always have time for picking up a crochet hook.

This blog is how I will be advertising my crochet classes here in Basingstoke, Hampshire and showing off my creations. I can even make something for you, if you like.

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